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Node Software Version


I am new in regards to configuring Solarwinds & NCM and I am having difficulties trying to get the Nodes we are polling to display their current software version.

I apologize if I chose the wrong location to post this at.





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I just had to do this yesterday to get the serial numbers from our Leibert UPS's. Do as @jm_sysadmin said and use the SNMPWALK tool to get a full down load of the MIB and find the OID you need to pull. Create a custom poller to pull the data and then you will need to create the resource to display it. 

Level 11

I have a few devices that do this as well. I believe it has to do something with the software version not allowing the information to be pulled, like the version is to old to support the version of snmp being used.

are you using snmp v3 for the connection? 

Using SNMPv2c in solarwinds think I should try v3?

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Actually not sure if v3 will work with Accedians..

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Yea I think the ones this happens to are using v2 just havent been changed to v3 yet. Might want to verify on device manufactures site if they will work with v3.

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What kind of device is this and what polling method are you using?

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We have a variety of devices Accedians, Junipers, Cisco, etc and we are polling via SNMP

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On the Cisco devices I think they pull that from OID, your devices might put it somewhere else, but its worth looking. 

Do a SNMP Walk and see where that data lives. Orion includes a tool to do it at: 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SnmpWalk.exe"

Put in your SNMP config and it will pull everything that is available for Orion to read and saves it to a text file. You can also use the MIB browser on the node details page to see what Orion sees, but I prefer to dump it to text. 

Either your device isn't sharing much information (maybe call the vendor to see if it can be increased) or Orion needs to have a poller assigned to interpret it, people on thwack have saved and shared a bunch so I have only needed to make a few, but this course tells you how:

And its much better than I could explain it.