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Level 9

No inventory from network devices

Hi, i'm having this problem with my NCM where the Network Inventory feature doesnt seem to work.

I've done many execs of the inventory and yet the report on the NCM page says that there are no devices inventoried.


Using snmp v2c on the devices and the ssh logins are full level 15 access with enable so I'm not sure what else i have to look for to get it working.


Any help would be appreciated!! thanks.

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Level 9

I believe, if you run the inventory as a job you should get a log that tells you what happened. Likewise, if select a device, right click and choose "Inventory Selected Nodes", I get an error message if the inventory fails that gives me at least a clue as to what happened (like "Does not respond to SNMP queries using 'Community$tring').

Also, my inventory jobs run under a service account. That account had to be granted the right to run batch jobs before inventorying worked on my NCM server.

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There are no logs for the Inventory jobs, NCM thinks the jobs are completed it seems, i get no errors or anything.

The account im using now to run the schedules has FULL administrator rights to the box and the database server, so i'm not really sure its a permissions issue either.

I've had nothing but problems getting NCM up and running properly so far - from windows related to NCM related problems and it's really getting on my boss' nerves So i'd really like help to get this fixed please 😞

FYI it doesnt work manually either - right clicking on the node and selecting Inventory node doesnt work either... screenshots if you need even!

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There should always be logs.   Can you navigate to your inventory job (Schedule > Display/Edit Jobs) and then right-click on the Inventory job and select View Selected Job's log, and post the results?

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here it is, first it displays all the nodes and says "Finished" then this summary:

In total its about 30 devices being inventoried:


28/03/2009 03:14:42 PM : Completed Nightly Network Inventory : Job-0000008
Execution time : 1 hours, 49 minutes, 34 seconds


here's another, basically same thing though:

01/04/2009 03:18:16 PM : Completed Nightly Network Inventory : Job-0000008
Execution time : 1 hours, 53 minutes, 11 seconds


Yet, the website says:

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Can you Edit the resource and ensure the timeframe is set to a time period in which you are sure all devices were inventoried (e.g. last hour)?

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the last time i did that it didnt work, but ill try it again this afternoon just to make sure as some other changes were made recently..

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