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Nightly Backup Fails on New Cisco 4300 Routers

We have begun to roll out Cisco 4300 series routers.  Unfortunately, our nightly configuration backup job is failing on the new equipment.

When I use the Test button in the NCM Properties section of the Edit Properties of a Node, it fails.  If I look at the Show Credential Login Details, it shows that it has successfully connected with SSH2, but instead of seeing the terminal and show version commands, it shows the username that has logged in.  As the user name is not a valid command, it fails trying to execute that command.

The Show Credential Login Details looks normal on our older routers, Cisco 2900 and 1900 series.

Does anyone know how to fix our nightly configuration backup problems for 4300 series routers?

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What is the device template that is assigned to it? Sounds like the "terminal prompt" value is not set appropriately for whatever device template it is trying to use, I've seen issues where it being left at Auto-Detect can cause issues with the commands being sent to it. Can you try to statically set the device template to the correct make and model?

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In the connection profile, try setting the enable level to No Enable Login.


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Thanks, Superfly, for the suggestion, but it did not work.

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