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New User Script - Cisco 2960 - Not Authenticating

Has anyone ever had any issues using the scripting feature of NCM? 

We currently use NCM version 7.7 and are trying out the scripting feature to add an additional local user account on a Cisco 2960 switch running IOS 15.2(2)E9.

NCM is able to execute the script against the selected node just fine, and the new user account appears within the running-config on the switch. However, when I attempt to log into the switch as the new user account, I get "Access Denied". I have confirmed that the password in the script is spelled correctly. What's even more interesting, is that if I manually add the username on the switch myself, without NCM doing it, I can log into the switch just fine under the new account. 

The only time the new account does not authenticate is if NCM is the one that adds it. 

Script is very basic:

Config Term

Username NewUser privilege 15 secret NewPassword


Write mem


Any ideas?


Update: I found that this issue only seems to happen if using the "secret" option over the standard "password" option within the username configuration. If I change "secret" to "password" and execute the script again, I am able to log into the switch using the new account. 


Update 2 Resolution: Right before I got on the phone with support, I found that there was an extra 'space' at the end of the password I was using in command. Once I removed the 'space' and re-ran the script, I was able to log into the switch as my new user. Found this post which lead me to checking for it: The post


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