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New NCM feature request for Custom Macros

In our implementation of NCM, I've created Custom Macros for SNMP communities, passwords, and other values.  But when I Add or Edit a node, those new macro names aren't available in the pulldown list for an entry until they've been used (typed manually) at least once.  And when the user is in the Add Node or Edit Node dialog, there isn't a way to look up the names of Custom Macros to be sure you have it right.  If the name is typed incorrectly, there is no validation so the incorrect name becomes the value used for the field.  I believe the point of Custom Macros is to save time and prevent typing mistakes, and with a few changes they can be much easier to work with.

Here are the details of my feature request;

1. Custom Macros that exist are listed in the pulldown.

2. Validation of a custom macro name on field exit.

3. (Optionally) User-created categories for Custom Macros.  The user could create categories for HQ, Branch, SNMP-RO, SNMP-RW, Telnet-password, Enable-password, etc.  This would not be necessary for my company, but for a large organization with a very hierarchichal structure it would make the list more manageable.

4. Bonus Feature - Allow use of a Custom Macro for the Password field in the Security tab of the Edit Job dialog and in the Password field of the Windows User Information page of the New Job Wizard.  This would be enabled with a check box, and then the pulldown list would be available in a single entry field.

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I like it.

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