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Network Discovery - Differentiating between various trunk links on a Cisco switch


I have thousands of switches in my estate mostly configured identically bar the IP subnets information. These model 2960 switches, mostly edge switches have trunk links to distribution switches and trunk links to Extreme access points. The trunk links to the Extreme access points have a description on the switch port that starts "XXX Extreme XXX.

I have set up scheduled discovery and have Trunk selected but I can't work out how to exclude the trunk ports that are labelled "XXX Extreme XXX".

Anyone know if this is possible to do?

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Thanks, makes sense. I'll give it a go in the morning with "does not contain all keywords" XXX Extreme

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Thanks again. The key here was to try the discovery manually rather than automatically adding the results. I was then able to "play" with the settings such as "does not match all keywords" which worked for me.

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Hi Paul,

There are two screens depending on if you are using Automatic or Manual discovery but they both work in a very similar fashion. If you're using the Automatic option then your screen will look like this:


Or if you're going manual then it will look like this:


Hope this helps

- David Smith
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Thanks for this. I am using the automatic selection. I tried it out and it did the opposite of what i was looking for. It selected every interface that was operationally up, i assume because there were trunk ports with the matching string. What I want to do is find all operational trunk ports that do not have the description "XXX Extreme XXX"

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Change the drop down from contains any keyword to does not contain.  Reversing that logic should filter it.  I use similar filters in my environment.

John Handberg
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Sorry in my haste to reply I selected the Contains rather than Does Not Contain as mention3d by jhandberg

- David Smith