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Greetings Guys,

I am trying to take backup of configurations from NCM using SSH but after entering the user-level credentials when i click test to check the connection between NCM and the node it gives me an error "test failed timeout :device template cisco IOS " and at the node it says connection refused by x.x.x.x host.

i need your kind help to solve this issue

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So like mentioned by Neo there could be various different reasons.

1) The Login/Password provided isn't valid on that device

2) The device as ACL's that prevent your connection from SolarWinds

3) There are Firewall's in the path between poller and device which prevent TCP/22.


- David Smith
Level 16

Have you tried during a regular putty session outside of the Orion console using the credentials you are trying in the console you can use solarputty to test.