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NCM security of config's when integrated with Web server

New to the boards here, and posted simular message in another area and no reply. Figured I would try here.

We have NCM 7.0.2, and it is integrated with the Webservers. The problem that we have is we want to use NCM to download our firewall configs, and really don't want everyone that can access the web to be able view our firewall rule set. Is there any way to restrict configs so they are not accessable from the web internface?


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You can restrict which users have access via NCM roles. You cannot restrict configs from being accessible on the web interface to any user that holds and NCM role..

Community Manager
Community Manager

I found your other post in the Library & Support space.  We don't normally carry conversations there so that could be why it's been missed.  You've posted in the correct space now.

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