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NCM issue downloading config from Cisco firewall ASA 5540

I am unable to download configs from our ASA 5540 firewall on NCM. NCM successfully polls the firewall using SNMP v2c; I wanted to use version 3, but it was not successful.

To pull the config files, I understand that the connection needs write access, which SNMP does not provide. I changed the "Connection Profile" settings so:

Execute Scripts Using: SSH1

Request Configs Using: SSH auto

Transfer Configs Using: TFTP

When I try to download the config, I get the error message "Connection Refused by *Firewall IP*"

I don't know if I should change some settings on NCM or if I need to change some settings on the ASA firwall through ASDM.

Ultimately, I want to set up automatic notification detection and download configs when it chanages, much like we do currently with our firewalls. I will also integrate the NCM profile info to send information to Firewall Security Manager.

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Hi 1ashgarg,

I guess you don't have TFTP enabled on the ASA firewall. Try changeing the Trasfer Config protocol to SSH auto or SCP.



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