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NCM finding differences between startup and running configs that don't exist


On some of our NCM servers we've noticed that it's highlighting discrepancies between startup and running configs that don't actually exist.
What's happening is that on the startup config, certain lines are being shown in a different order to the running config so they are being flagged as extra content on the one side and missing on the other. I've attached a screenshot below as an example.

If we telnet or SSH onto that device and do a sho run and sho start then there is no difference between the two - the lines are in the same order on both (the version shown on the running config in NCM) so I'm not quite sure why NCM is reordering things.

I think it's all Cisco devices this is happening to, but I've not checked them all.

This is quite inconvenient for us, as we use NCM to manage some of our customers networks, and they have a logon to the web portal
They see devices showing as having differences between startup and running configs and are concerned that we are making changes then failing to save them, and us saying blaming the software that we use doesn't look that good either.


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That's interesting. What method do you use with NCM to back up the config? Isn't it possible that NCM grabs the config using TFTP or SCP? I could imagine that then the order of the lines may be different every time although the terminal output is the same.



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I am on NCM 7.1.1 and I noticed the same thing. However, I think if you are looking at the "Config Summary" page and clicking on the "Change Report", the top of the change report should provide the last a time stamp on when last a report was changed and by who. Most times when I see the lines that seem to have changed it shows that its just a spacing thing and the shows the corresponding added line on the other side. Note in the 2 examples, on the second one there was a power outage so technically there wasn't a configuration change but now in the config it no longer had the last person that made a change, it just states there have been no changes since last restart.

! Last configuration change at 22:50:20 UTC Thu Sep 4 2014 by xyzuser! Last configuration change at 19:11:03 UTC Wed Sep 10 2014 by xyzuser
! NVRAM config last updated at 21:37:15 UTC Thu Sep 4 2014 by xyzuser! NVRAM config last updated at 19:11:04 UTC Wed Sep 10 2014 by xyzuser
version 15.0version 15.0
no service padno service pad

Last Week - 9/5/2014 1:48:55 PMADDS 0, DELETES 1, CHANGES 1
! Last configuration change at 15:25:45 CST Wed Jun 11 2014 by svc_swconfigmgr! No configuration change since last restart
! NVRAM config last updated at 15:26:43 CST Wed Jun 11 2014 by svc_swconfigmgr
version 12.2

You may just need to explain to them that its the way the NCM downloads the configs.



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