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NCM device template for Lenovo BNT Virtual fabric 10GB switch module

Hello Everyone,

We are trying to get the backup of Lenovo BNT Virtual fabric 10GB switch module in NCM. SNMP and SSH is working fine. Even I tried to create device template but no success. Getting Configuration error discard message.

Normal lenovo switch command would be similar to other cisco devices and working fine. But for this switch module commands are different. We try with those command but no output yet.

When we login through CLI we are getting one prompt before getting actual configuration using cfg mode.

The prompt asking for yes and no to display the configuration. Then after selecting yes, we are using "cur" command to display the configuration. Now how to mitigate this prompt option and how to download complete configuration. In order to see complete configuration you need to press any key like tab to reach at the end of the configuration.


Let me know if anybody came across this switch module in NCM and have any template created for this.

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