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Level 16

NCM config quick question

Hi New to NCM

I like to get alert/report .. only when one part of the config is change but not other section ?

Need  to know if something with  SNMP or SSH or ACL Routing  is change ,but don't care  that interfaces XXX change name to YYY.

Is that possible to "highlight" what section need to be alerts on ?


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Level 15

conceptionally, couldn't a regex be developed that could look at the current and stored configs and only report/alert if changes between the comment sections of !core_config_begin and !core_config_end.  I am not sure how to write it in solarwinds but I have done something very similar on linux systems using perl and regular expressions.  Just some food for thought................

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That sounds interesting. Probably would need some experimenting.


Level 17

I've never had success in that regarding alerting.  Usually I just enable the Real-Time Change detection as for the most part, most things on a device should stay static and it's important to know when a change alters the configuration.

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Thanks for geting to me

The scenario is I have Telco router switches that have quite alot of interfaces.

I need to know about changes in the "core confing " section .

That could be report and not   RT trap.

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Hi sja,

Do I understand you correctly that you are interested in being notified of certain changes while not interested in others?


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I have some Core routers that any change is nice to know about but I have access routers that there are changes all the time...

Is that a FR?

No one need to monnitor only part of the box config?


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