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NCM and Junipers and VLANs

I need to collect VLAN information from our Juniper devices. I see where NCM updates the NCM.VLANS table via the NCM Inventory job for Cisco devices but just noticed that none of the Juniper devices show up in this table.


I also noticed that the Inventory options do not have options for Juniper - which may be the reason why the VLANS table is not updated.

Is there a work around to get Juniper VLANs into the NCM.VLANS table??

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Level 16

I will get a ticket on that and ask the PM to take a look...

Working a round the problem is to run custom  backup job on  “show vlan”

from those Junipers and use compliance report...

Under "Admin" and "Manage Pollers" if you search for "VLAN" you will see the Solarwinds Native Poller for VLANs, is this assigned to the Juniper boxes?     I don't see it being listed as a match for the few Juniper boxes I have...

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None of the Junipers are showing an exact match so they are not assigned (can't turn it on).

I compared this to the Cisco dvices and there are several that show exact match plus enable.

I also beleive this is a function of NPM and not NCM....

Assign VLAN to Nodes

Scan nodes for matching OIDs to enable this poller. Pollers can only be enabled on nodes where all required OIDs are a match
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