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NCM add jobs


I have a Solarwinds NPM and NCM. I am trying to create a daily job. I clicked on Nightly Config Backup, then to Choose Nodes. I can not even list nodes even checking the box 'Dynamic Selection'.

In MyDashboard -> All Nodes -> Cisco -> Up -> (It shows a list of all switches with the name starting 'SW'.

What am I doing wrong when I click 'Choose Nodes' via Nightly Config Backup?  I entered  IP Address from the left and enter the IP on the right. No node shows up. Suggestion?

Thank you,


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Level 12

vin06357  Did changing the browser help you? I assume that you are not seeing any nodes after clicking 'View Selected Nodes'? Are you typing the exact IP address or using wildcards?

Hello, the changing of browser did help and I am now seeing the nodes.

Thank you

Vincent Lagrotteria

Engineer Spec - Network

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Are you using v7.9?

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Vincent Lagrotteria

Engineer Spec - Network

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vin06357​ Did you open a case? Can you send me the number?

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Ah okay - yes we are aware of some IE11 issues and are looking to address that.

Level 10

Try IE if using chrome. If using chrome try IE...

Also double check that you have correct permissions. In NCM I believe you have to have full admin rights due to a bug.

Level 11

Hi Vincent,

if i remember right, i ran into the same issue a while ago. It seems like its a browser related issue, but i cant remember in which browser it occured. Just try a different one and you should be able to select / add nodes.



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