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NCM Question

Hi, we are a customer of at&t managed services/mpls.  We do have tacacs accounts with at&t but are very limited on the commands we can execute.  We are unable to do a show running-config but can do a show tech-support.  (makes no sense to us either)  With that being said does anyone know how to set up NCM to do a sho tech and down load that instead of a running config?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Rick

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Thanks for the Info Dave.

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I am in the same boat at my work place. AT&T though a couple of months ago converted to GTAC (Global) and when they did they made us a new ACS account on a different server. They messed up and gave us rights to show run, and I added everyone of those into NCM and captured their config. It worked great, any time they made a change on our MPLS network we got a change notification that night with details. Then they realized it, and removed that command set and broke it. Have been trying ever since to figure out a way around it like you are. The problem with what Goliath recommends is it will capture the whole show tech, and the comparison will flag 90 percent of it as changes, and has a tendency to just hang, either in the job, or in the email sent out.

Will be interested if you find a different way around it. I have not had any luck. It would be nice if the developers could make it so a show tech could be pulled, and the config start and stop search string entered so it would parse the show tech down to the config. Because I am sure this is a pretty common problem with all AT&T customers.



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Hi Rick -

You may be able to do this by creating a device template that is specific to these devices, and edit the commands to issue a show tech etc. (if memory serves, it may just be a case of changing the value

<Command Name="Running" Value="running-config"/>


<Command Name="Running" Value="tech"/>

And then assign this template to the devices in question.



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