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NCM Inventory Reports

Hi everyone just upgraded to version 8 NCM, have checked the main reports section and they might be listed with a number in brackets but these none are visible?

the physical entities v2 etc used to be an amazing report, I could filter and export quickly. Now it is a static report with no quick filters this is a huge let down.





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Hi Mez,

I am not 100% sure on the question, as the screenshot indicates you are missing a report, however the report exists under the NCM Inventory category and not NCM Audit.

Are you missing this report?

You indicate it is now a static report. This report is still editable, so I think it may just be a case of you clicking on the Manage Reports link in the top right corner of that screen in order to allow you to select the report and then click on Edit.

If you are missing this report completely, this would indicate the upgrade had an issue migrating the report. I can share the default report, so you can import manually if you wish.

Mark Roberts

Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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