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NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations_Running IOS upgrades


  Expecting quick support and suggestions on NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations using for CISCO IOS_Upgrades which includes CISCO switches,Routers of Different Models.

  We have been practicing to do Firmware upgrade from Solarwinds to the CISCO devices which means we  are copying(Pre-push) IOS to the CISCO devices.

  While performing this Job we have experienced below.

1)Delay in Copying : Taking 45 Minutes of time to copy IOS to the CISCO Network Devices.Hope this is the common behavior of solarwinds.

2) Templates for Different Models:Identifying , downloading different templates for Copying IOS for different device models.

3)Even though we have selected multiple jobs one job will performed / executed at  once.

  •   We have copied around  50+ devices using NCM(7.9 version) but our concern is Time.It should not be 35-45 minutes to copy IOS from solarwinds to the Device. Can any one help us on resolving means how could we reduce the time in performing a job in short time.
  •    Also looking for how to  run multiple jobs at a time means copying IOS to  multiple devices.



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Hi would like to check if you have firmware upgrade template particular for Cisco ISR 4221? thank you!

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If you manually copy the file, is it still slow?

I assume you're using TFTP. If it is still slow doing the copy manually, change to FTP.

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We have been performing IOS pre-push using FTP and TFTP , observing no issues.Copy of image completed in not  more than 10 mins

As a part of automation we  are planning to do  IOS pre-push from Solarwinds.

Let us Consider 20 devices , we want to perform this in a single shot.But while doing this from solarwinds we  are  facing two issues

1)Delay 2) IOS should done on a  single device at single time.

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When you use NCM to send the IOS file, are you using the same FTP or TFTP server as to when you do it manually? NCM should not make the IOS copying slow.

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