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NCM Errors

Why am I getting these errors? How can I fix?

ERROR: Running config: Configuration post processing error. See NcmBusinessLayerPlugin and DPE logs for details

    ERROR: Running config: Failed to save a copy of the config on the file system (mirror copy).

NCM 8.0

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I had the same problem.  To resolve the issue in my particular case I granted the NCM Global user account full access to the C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\ folder on both the Main Polling Engine Server and our Additional Polling Engine Server.  You can check to verify if this is your issue by logging into the Solarwinds Web Management Console and going to "Settings", "All Settings", "Product Specific Settings", "NCM Settings", "Config Settings", "Config Settings".  Under "Config Archive" you will see the path to the archive directory for your polling engine/s which defaults to "C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\Config-Archive".  Click "VALIDATE" next to the path.  If your defined NCM User has access to the path you will get message "Validation passed".  If the validation fails, your NCM global account most likely does not have access to the folder C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\ on your polling engine/s server/s.  This global user is defined here "All Settings", "Product Specific Settings", "NCM Settings", "Global Device Defaults" under "Device Login Information".  Hope this helps.

like jpetkevich​ mentioned, there is just not enough information to help you here on the forum and it is best to contact support.

I can only guess into the wild that you specified an alternate path to store the config and you don't have access to that location "Failed to save a copy of the config on the file system (mirror copy)." or the location is not available any more.

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We would need to see your logs to determine exactly what is going on. Is this a production install? If so, I'd recommend opening a case and you can pass me the case number in a PM if you would like.

You can also reference our set of knowledge base articles before going to support, as they may help you self identify. Success Center

Feel free to message me on here or shoot me an email with more questions.