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Level 8

NCM Config template for SYSlog and Source interface with VRF option

Trying to build a config change template to push out updated syslog server and set the source interface on devices.  I've used this posting to get me part of the way there:

Second part of the challenge is what about devices with multiple IP addresses and the source interface in a VRF requiring the use of command string of :
logging source-interface <insert interface> vrf <insert vrf>

I found this article as well, and it feels like it gets part way there, just struggling to put the full pieces together:

I'm expecting to need to add another loop or if statement to determine if interface is in a vrf and then use a different command string, just not sure quite how to get to that point.

I've included my script, still learning on it, so feel free to offer any additional suggestions.



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Level 16


I will use the compliance engine.

The compliance report will tell you where you miss a configuration statement.

The bulk “push” Will touch all the nodes sometimes with no need 

That lab explains how to..


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