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NCM Backup Jobs for Big Count


We are having around 5000 Devices from different Vendors like Cisco, Fortinet, Brocade, HP, Huawei etc. We need to take backup of Running and Startup Config every week. Whats is your suggestions while creating jobs for a big count of devices.

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I prefer to have 2 jobs. 1 for startup and one for running. I do the startup job first. I schedule the running one for afterwards. In the running one, I do the compare to previously downloaded config which will be the startup config. That way I can see if any of the running configs haven't been saved as yet.

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I like to say it "dependent" on how many changes that type device has..

I backup every day devices that has daily changes.

I backup every week devices that has not 1-2changes per week...

I backup 1 time  devices that we don't change.

I also backup changes in HW like cisco "show mod"

Re: How do I view the Backed up Inventory of a Single Node?

I like to split the backup jobs to device type that will not overload the job ...

like backup to

"daily Cisco AS run every day at 6:00"

"daily Cisco Core run every day at 5:00"

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Its not about the schedule. If i put a job for 6000 devices for taking back

up, will it a good dicision?. How much node i could put per Job....

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You can keep it in 1 big backup job..

In every backup job you will have some elements that will have some problems..

That why it make sense to have more  backup jobs that send mail about problem to the right group ... 

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