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NCM 7.9 Issue: ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Connection Refused by x.x.x.x

Hello Experts.

I am getting this error:ERROR: Cannot download Running config: Connection Refused by x.x.x.x.x  for my two devices (Juniper SRX3600 Firewall), while downloading config from devices with a scheduled job. 

I ran a separate manual job, it works fine, has no issue, it downloads successfully, Connection to the devices is also working fine, I also test the connection to the devices by "ConnectionTester tool", there is no issue to connect.

I've also checked the connection profile test by editing the node, the test was successful.

I don't know, where could be a problem,  Is there anyone having this issue before, you are welcome to share it with me or suggest me how to get rid of this issue.


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