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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

Cisco announces the end - of -sale and end - of life dates for the Cisco Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance. The last day to order the affected product(s) is December 14, 2012. Customers with active service...

14 Sep 2012

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 7600 Series Firewall Services Modules.

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

This product is in the database, but has no data.

Linksys SPA942, Voice and Unified Communications, August 17, 2010, August 17, 2015,

These details also true for the rest of the products in the familySmiley FrustratedPA901 SPA921 SPA922 SPA932 SPA941 SPA962

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

Netscreen ISG-1000

Netscreen NS-500

Netscreen NS-208

Netscreen NS-204

Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

Well Well In EoL

When you see that there are suggested dates for your device and you want to go and add it or select it for your devices.

But it show that my node is Catalyst 37XX Stack. Though it type or model NO is WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U Device Type Cisco. So it is good to have all Different EOL for all this devices.

And for Juniper device EOL doesn't even show any suggestion. you just need to enter dates manually if you know. 

and for cisco 6509 switch its not showing its dates in suggestion.

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

I'm aware of no issues.

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

I have to agree on the preview of upcoming/replacement technology. It would be really cool to have a link pop up next to the EOL/EOS date (when your device gets closer to that date) that would give you some information on current technology that could replace your aging device. Just my 2 cents :-) I haven't found any issues with what we have so far.

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

I agree with jason.deloria that the Netscreen information is missing.

Model:  Juniper ISG1000


Device type: Juniper Firewall

System description: Security Firewall (has available IDP option)

end-of-sale date: ??

end-of-support date: 5 years after EOS

Vendor EoL statement URL: End of Life Products & Milestones - Support - Juniper Networks

I don't see the EOS/EOL statement for the ISG1000, but a rep had mentioned that EOS would be 2014/2015 for the ISG1000.

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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

Hi All,

I'm very glad to see this thread living. I haven't been anwering individual posts with "Thank you", so I'm doing it now for all of you.

Please continue posting, we are definitely interested in your feedback and will incorporate your contributions.



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Re: Missing or Incorrect EoL/EoS Data

This one is huge for me.  I have at least 650 Cisco 3750's in my network, every sub model imaginable, yet Orion shows only "Catalyst 37xx Stack".  Totally, utterly useless for EOL (or most any other purpose). I also said at least, because for some reason NPM nor NCM do not enumerate the members of a stack for the 3750 and 2960S series switches. I can get that data by using an NCM Physical Entity report, but it has no correlation back to the EOL/EOS report so I'm stuck manually looking them up anyway.  It's particularly irritating that NCM does pull the data (ala Physical Entity report), but fails to use it for the EOS/EOL.  This seriously complicates figuring my hardware maintenance spending. 

Also missing, but would be definitely appreciated- Card EOS/EOL data.  Routers and chassis based systems (4500's and 6500's for example) have cards or modules, all with individual dates not necessarily associated with the chassis itself. Same for Cisco IOS revisions.  The data's there, Cisco publishes EOS/EOL dates for software, but it's not included here.

I know this is a major undertaking, and appreciate the effort so far, but as currently implemented it gets me to perhaps third base.