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Line Numbers in NCM Search Results

Is there any way to suppress line numbers in search results on NCM?

Say you want to do planned editing for a particular instance of an ACL that has been deployed to multiple routers, or if you had to recover a config one day.  As far as I can tell, you would have to go into Excel, change it to : delimited and run a text to columns to get the line numbers out, then delete the line numbers, clean up excel so you could use it and then copy it back into notepad to make it usable for deployment after the necessary changes were made - or recovery for that matter.

Is there any way to disable this?

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I also want the line numbers suppressed when I download running-config. How do I do this?

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you can suppress the line numbers in the following way (this is for Web console, similar steps in Win32 application):

  1. Click on the config you want to download, e.g.

  2. Click EDIT

  3. Uncheck the "Line Numbers"

  4. Result

Hi Jiri,

Is there a way to make this the default?  We don't allow a lot of our users the ability to customize views which is required to make this change.  Unfortunately the line numbers botch up the ability to do a nice copy/paste into a config!



Work Around :

Copy the config from NCM display with the Line #'s

Open Excel, click on the Top Left Cell, and PASTE the config. Then Highlight the first Column of line #’s                       

Right Click after highlighting the entire row of line numbers, and choose DELETE.

This will remove the line #’s, and leave you with the config.

  1. Your rows may have merged, if this is the case click on the Data Tab in Excel
  2. Click and highlight the entire column
  3. Click on ‘Remove Duplicates’ on the Data Tools portion of the ‘DATA’ Tab (Excel 2013)
  4. The first blank row still needs to be removed, click to highlight, then right click and Delete
  5. Highlight the first column, COPY (to capture the config), and then paste into Notepad for editing.
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Tracked as #253330.

So has this been addressed yet?  Like the prior poster, my org does not allow most users to modify views so they can't Edit the view.  I want the ability to set the default behavior to NOT show the line numbers in switch configs.

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I am not sure if I disabled this globally, but I think I did as all our users have no line numbers.  I don't see why your admin couldn't make it the default for all users.  Also, it's been a while since I did this so I am not sure what I did.

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Can you remember?  Currently there is this request :

Which is nice, but if you can adjust this in the DB manually for all/some users that would be Nice!

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