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Is there any way to list device template choice for all nodes?

I want to know which nodes have "Device Template" not set to "Auto Determine"

Is there any way to list, search, or report on the Device Template setting for all nodes?

Node Details/Edit Node/Manage node(s) with NCM -> Yes

Node Details/Edit Node/CLI Device Template/Device Template Dropdown

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Try this SWQL query, and see if it looks like it will work for you.

--    WHEN dtn.TemplateID IS NULL THEN 'AUTO'
--    ELSE TOSTRING(dtn.TemplateID)
END AS DeviceTemplate
FROM NCM.Nodes AS ncm
LEFT JOIN Cli.DeviceTemplatesNodes AS dtn ON dtn.NodeId=ncm.CoreNodeID


Take out the WHERE clause (and remove the comments from the CASE statement) and see them all.

The WHERE clause with "IS NOT NULL" should show you the nodes which are currently using device templates.

The WHERE clause with the "IS NULL" should show you the nodes which are "auto" choosing the device templates.

I thought this was a default report, but I might be thinking of the connection profiles.

Either way, test it out and see if the results look like what you would expect.

Thank you,


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