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Level 11

Is there a way to change the option of adding to NCM when adding a node in NPM to no?

I have NPM 10.7 and NCM 7.3 running on the same server.  I am trying to see if there is a way to have the option for adding to NCM be no for the default when adding to NPM. With the way that it is now, if someone adds a node in NPM and doesn't pay attention then that same node is getting added into NCM. 9 times out of 10 it is a server that is being added.



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Level 17

I thought the default was No


I will have to double check then.  One of our people ran a discovery and every server that was added from the discovery also ended up in NCM.

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Now that NCM and NPM databases are merged, there is an option is the discovery process to set the discovered nodes as NCM nodes or not. That option must have been selected to Yes in this case

Thanks. That probably is what happened. I will just need to educate the users adding nodes to make sure they do not choose yes for adding to NCM when they are adding a server into NPM.

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you are right!

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