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Inventory and Network Discovery stopped working

We recently noticed that Network Discovery and Inventory updates stopped working on our environment.  No changes have been made to the system in months in prep for a move to new hardware in June.

Only thing that happened was renewing our Maintenance on Apr 17, and buying an APE license which we have not installed, or touched as we are waiting for the new hardware in June.

When we run an inventory we get this message Success Center  and already have a support ticket stating the same thing.  So we are in process of scheduling that.

The discovery says device already exists in the DB, lists interface count, name, model in the discovery results (so it's in the DB somewhere), but it will not show up in the managed nodes UI, nor is it in the Nodes table when querying thru SWQL studio.

I suspect they are related, and a repair should fix both.

My question is would buying a license and not activating it impact the SOlarwinds install when it polls for new Maintenance license? 

Seems too much of a coincidence to me that my issues started on Apr 18th, day after we purchased license.

We are running 2013.3 SP3, NCM7.7, NPM 12.2, NTA 4.2.3, and SAM 6.5 on Windows 2012r2.

thanks in advance


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