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Improved Reporting Flexibility (Like NPM)

Were using NPM as well as NCM and the difference in reporting functionality is huge. I would like to see the reporting capabilities for NCM to be on par with NPM. I should be able to use any field within the Cirrus database to report from. I should also be able to specify data that would be excluded from the report.


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Level 18

Thanks for the post.  As we further integrate NCM with NPM in the next release, you can count on this being one of the items up for consideration.   For internal folks, this is being tracked as #3216.

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Being able to add fields to policy reports would be very useful as well.

Oh yeah, and also be able to choose the sort order of fields (at last the identifier fields - hostname, etc.)



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Any updates on this? I wanted to provide an example....NCM reporting does not allow you to add certain fields to a report unless you select the appropriate "Type of Report". Sometimes I want to mix and match fields in a report that are not all part of the same "Type of Report". Cisco Model is a perfect example.

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