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Importing Nodes to NCM v7.4 Automatically

Hi guys,

So in the old days when NPM and NCM databases were separated, there was an all important job that ran in NCM, to ensure that either all or specific Nodes were imported into NCM.

How does this work now, if at all?

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Almost 4 years have passed and still nothing!

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Hi cobrienjpetkevich

Please explain why it take 4 year to get a feature back ?  😞

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I could sure use this feature!

And I'd add a request to be able create a job that not only automatically added new nodes to NCM, but automatically assign them to Jobs we've created.  Each time we manually add a new node to NPM, we also have to add it to NCM, and then manually open up six NCM Jobs and add the node to each job.

Still not possible in NCM 7.5

"Our approach is to deliver "unexpected simplicity" and redefine the expectations IT Pros have for enterprise software."

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Personally I prefer the option of manually adding in the node into NCM. There are plenty of nodes I don't want into NCM. And to combat the forgetful staff that don't add in node into NCM (if it should be in there), I periodically look into here and scan through all the No ones.


I know this doesn't help you but just because you want this feature request, doesn't mean everyone else does. And it also doesn't mean that Solarwinds doesn't deliver.

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Periodically looking through all the No ones is not feasible in our case

Why should we be bothered to take time out and manually go through thousands of Nodes. This task would require a dedicated staff member to be carried out.

What if the staff member forgets or is unsure whether a Node should be added to NCM or not? What if the staff member doesn't have permission or knowledge about credentials used for the Nodes? What happens when the staff member is no longer in the team?


There needs to be a way of automating this, to avoid - or at the very least - minimize human errors.

NCM would be enterprise grade - again - once that mechanism is in place. Until then, it is useless to us.

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How many nodes get added each day?

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It varies. Sometimes just one, other times 15-20ish. When a site gets revamped, that's when 50+ nodes could get added/replaced in a day.

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Guess all you can do is to keep drumming up support for your feature request. Hope you get what you need.

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In those good ole days, that job was necessary was because the databases were separate

In NCM 7.4, it is truly another Orion product. So, there is no longer a notion of NCM node vs NPM node. It is simply a node. So, this kind of synchronization is no longer necessary. You edit a node and assign an NCM license to a node if you want to manage it's configurations.

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In an ever growing network, where switches, routers, firewalls, wlc's are added daily, how can I ensure that NCM will inventory and backup these devices?

I am not willing to do this ad-hoc for every device. I am pretty sure that is why the auto import feature was implemented in the good ole days

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Actually, in NCM 7.4, all you have to do is define at least one connection profile. Then you can schedule daily discovery and all new network devices will be added to NCM. If you have scheduled jobs to back up and inventory your devices, you should be good.


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Hi Jiri,

I am familiar with the way that it works now in the new NCM, but there is still a disconnect between the two modules that almost didn't exist before. With the new NCM, there is now a manual process that is required to carry out.

- We need the manually imported nodes to be added automatically to NCM through a Job.

Whether we have a working set of credentials for those nodes or not, these nodes would at the very least be inventoried and when the scheduled backup for them fails, we'll know about it through the backup report/alert.

- We can't netscan the network using Sonar for several reasons.

The networks are too large to be scanned efficiently. Class A network(s)...

Even if a network discovery was feasible, the department in charge of the scans and parameters have NO access to the CONFIG MANAGEMENT section in a Sonar Wizard because their Global access to NCM is set to None No access to NCM functionality = unable to define credentials.

It is NOT okay to attempt (failed/successfull) logins on devices en masse. Think about the amount of meaningless audit logs these devices will generate.

We need a job that can Enable NCM license on All or specific nodes based on criteria.

It would look something like this:


Without it, everyone will forget to Add Node to NCM, especially if the person who initially added the node was one of a team of 40.

With it in place, I can be sure that I have all my networking equipment added to NCM automatically, whether they have been added manually or through a discovery.


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I see. Then that would be a feature request.


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Short and sweet, thanks!

Vote here:

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Some thoughts in the interim

- A scheduled custom report to list devices based on your criteria that do not have an NCM license assigned

- SDK: A slightly related discussion here Autodeploy LAN, add to NPM and NCM, and collect backup etc

- If you are able to come up with the script above to assign an NCM license to a node, you could potentially create an alert that runs maybe once a day to invoke the script.

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There is a default filter in Manage Nodes for NCM licensed nodes and the rest. In any case, you can select nodes in bulk and assign NCM licenses in bulk.


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Thanks but that is still a manual process. I need it to be automatic.

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