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Import Thwack Community Pollers - name/password incorrect

NPM 12.2

All settings --> Manage Pollers

This area allows you to manage pollers on your installation.   There is a separate tab that allows you to IMPORT Thwack Community pollers into your system.   When I choose a poller to import, it prompts me for my Thwack username and password, which I provide (correctly).   Then it just tells me that my username and password are incorrect.   Do I need to have some sort of special access to import these community pollers?  The same username and password allowed me access to the Thwack forums (obviously) so what am I doing wrong?


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cs99772​ I just tested those for you and mine work. So doubt its related to just those templates. I learnt something new about the 3 post rule, never knew that!

Well, phooey.


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Hey Chris - I let our dev know the override didn't work. We're still poking around and will let you know when we get closer to an RCA.

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I'm getting the same thing. Was this ever resolved?

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Hello Everyone! Just an FYI - this feature only works once you've had a minimum of three pieces of content make it through THWACK's moderation tools. We're reviewing internally to determine if this bar is in a good place to prevent spam or if we can do something to accommodate great users like Christopher and Brian sooner. In the meantime - questions/comments/uploads on THWACK will help you get past the bar. Three approved contributions will enable the feature.

Is this still a requirement?  

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Oh!  Um.   Well that explains it.  What is a "contribution", by your definition?  Posts?  Coding suggestions?  Something else?

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In fact, you may be clear after that last question. Test and let me know!

thegreateebzies:  I tried again a few moments ago with my original Thwack account that I use to post here.

No change - still states invalid username/password.

Okay, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear it's still not functional. I'm going to loop in a specialist to dig deeper into your account and see if we can figure out what else is going on. Sit tight, and let me know if anything changes. Best guess is I should have an update for you next week.

Definitely experiencing the same issue as well, hopefully we can get an answer at some point.

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Thank you, eebzies

Sounds like you might want to include some notification indicating when that throttle is being applied, otherwise users have no idea what's wrong

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Hey! Great question! It includes just about anything where you're typing. Comments, questions, new threads, uploads, answering other people's questions, etc.

Having the same problem w/ NPM 12.1.  Created a new account last Friday, tried to sign in to grab a poller, got Invalid username or password.  Just created a new account a moment ago, tried the same thing, got the same error.

I'm using login ID, not display name.

I've tried downloading a different poller, tried testing the device poller instead of download, and still no luck.

My server has Internet access to Solarwinds servers, because I have uploaded diag packages directly from my servers to the ticketing system.

It's too bad this doesn't work, it seems very convenient


Yep, I took grantallenby's suggestion and created a brand new thwack account, waited for it to be approved, then logged in with it here on this site.

Then I got to my Solarwinds installation try to import some Thwack community pollers.

Same error.

Same problem.

No progress.

Very little response.  (Except from Grant, which it is mysteriously works for).

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Sorry to hear you're still getting the same issue. wabbott​ who's best to help these people out?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! We're looking into what's causing this issue.

Some info - we only have NPM 12.2 installed, and we're runnning it in https mode with a self-signed certificate.   Don't know if that has anything to do with it but more information is better than less.

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Thanks.  We can always Google the XML file and download it from the website, so this isn't anything close to a showstopper.  A nice-to-have feature is misbehaving, that's all.

If it helps, our poller / NPM site are both on the same Windows 2016 server.

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Hi cs99772​,

Has this ever worked for you on this instance?

It seems to be unique to your instance so I'd recommend contacting SolarWinds directly to investigate and resolve the issue.

If you want to proceed with testing further here, we can create a Thwack account, get it approved and test it on both sides to confirm whether the same account fails on a different instance that is known to work, though I reckon this would be a futile way forward as no one else has reported this issue here.