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ICMP only nodes reporting cpu and memory utilization as well.

Solarwinds 2020.2

I have setup about 150 ICMP only nodes.  I am doing basic up/down monitoring for our Windows servers.

Most of them are working perfectly.  I have list of about 20 that are trying to report on CPU and Memory utilization.  I don't want this. Since the polling method is ICMP, I cannot "list resources".  Its greyed out.  I am racking my brain trying to resolve this. I want to send alert if the node is down and nothing else.  Any ideas???




Any help would be appricated.


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I am suspecting that all these nodes that you have attachment are added through VMAN (Virtualization Manager), these devices were managed from VMAN console and when you click on a host in VMAN (virtualization summary) console it would then ask if you did want to manage/add this device onto SolarWinds Orion and when you say yes you will have an option to select ICMP/SNMP/WMI as the polling method on your NPM/SAM.

The stats for these devices are being picked up by VMAN and not your NPM/SAM.

Click on one of the nodes that you have pasted in the attachment and you will see something similar on the node page


In the example that i have pasted my device name is 'DENWIN01mp' and it resides on '', the stats are being pulled from VMAN module and not NPM/SAM (DENWIN01mp is added as an ICMP node on NPM/SAM) but other stats are pulled from VMAN polling.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @chad_franks 

Are those nodes part of VM cluster?

You icmp only the node but the VM integration has delivered CPU state?

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