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How to force CLI polling to SSH v2 for Cisco ASA ?

Hi all:

So I have several ASA's I am trying to model in NCM.

I have the credentials set for NCM configs to use SSH2 only.

However when I select "enable CLI polling" and attempt to test.. The version of SSH being leveraged is not the same

(I verified in  wirehark)

How do I force the "enable CLI polling" option to use SSHv2.

These same username and password work when set up for credentials to use on the connection profile?That is to say .. they choose SSHv2 when forced to SSHv2)

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Yes it looks as if this is related to NPM

For some reason NPM "enable CLI polling " is using SSH 1.99

Any ideas how this can be forced to 2.0?

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I force SSH v2 for all CLI transactions.  If we're talking about the same thing, here's where you set it:



Does this fill your requirements?  We don't allow Telnet or http for any configurations, but you can always allow them on a per-device basis by editing a node and changing the protocol away from the Global Defaults you've preselected.

Example of editing a Node in NPM that allows Global Defaults for SSH, or some other protocol:


Swift packets!

Rick Schroeder

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Level 16

Hi runatyr

I think the PM could/should explain why..

The “cli polling” is also NPM feature maybe that’s why not sure...

About the credentials... not secure and very messy...

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