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How can a configuration in NCM be uploaded to a new device?

Background:  NCM is setup to download the startup and running configs from various routers and switches within the organization on a weekly basis.

Situation:  A router or switch dies one day.

Want to quickly download the NCM saved configuration to a new replacement router or switch with no configuration on it.  I.e., Upload a complete configuration to a device that is connected to a network so that it can be taken to the remote location and installed.

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Level 11

Interesting feature request.   There would have to be a tftp server service up and running on SolarWinds, with some form of a routine that notifies you a devices is waiting for a download.  Then you could 'pick list' it from the available configs in your NCM.

It would likely get quickly flagged as an annoyance, but since it is remote and sending the wrong config would almost assure you of NOT being able to get back to the device, it would be good to have several prompts on exactly which config is about to go.

I can see all the parts are already in SW, except some code pages to do the notify and the prompting for which config.

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Level 14

Fairly positive this can't be done, but it would make a great feature enhancement request.

The catch: if a router or switch is drop shipped to a remote location with no config on it, how are you going to access it remotely? You need to at least have a static IP, or DHCP configuration, on the uplink. And all the routing has to be in place. But if that was all worked out, you are then opened for other options as well....TFTP, upload via SNMP, SCP/SSH, and FTP.

That said, a somewhat manual alternative (ok, maybe entirely manual)...

If configured to archive, NCM maintains a text version of the config in a separate directory on the NCM server. You can pull up the config, and upload it via console.


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My situation is that I have some 30 remote locations and when a switch or router goes bad, I have to configure a replacement and then usually take it to the remote location and install it.   Currently, the method I use is to bring up the configuration in NCM and then have to cut and paste the configuration to the new device.

If I am replacing a working device, I can tftp the config off of the old device and then tftp the config onto the new device which is much easier (I simply put the new device on the network, assign a temporary IP address to that interface and can get the new device totally ready very quickly.

Cut and paste works but I would think it much nicer to be able to do something similar to the tftp suing the configs I am storing in NCM.

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Like I said, definitely a good feature request, but I would use the workflow you described as your selling point. It all makes sense to me...


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