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How can I get an overview of all switch information in groups ?


I installed NCM one week ago and have been discovering all switches in our network and I currently created groups where they are all stored per location.

But is it possible when you click on a group to see immediately an overview of "hostname" - "ip-address" - "Model" - "..." in a table
Currently the widget "Group members" only shows the name, status and object type. Which is in my opinion very limited..

I was sort of able to set this up with a custom table, but this custom table is then visible on each group...
My back-up plan if it really isn't possible it to give every node manually a "city" name under the "manage nodes" tab, but this just seems to be double work as I already grouped them all under "groups" 

I've been searching for this already a few hours but not yet found any solution, hope someone here can help me out.

Kind regards,

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You just fell into the most common trap that catches most new Orion users. You basically can't do anything with groups after you build them. You should always start with populating custom properties since those can be referenced just about everywhere in Orion and then for the few edge cases where you actually need to use groups you still key them into the properties.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

I tend to avoid the usage of groups where possible and like @mesverrum mentioned work mostly with Custom Properties. I believe that CPs are more flexible than groups. However there are scenarios where a group is the only possible solution
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The only way I know to do this is to create a report. In fact, there is already a pre-canned report that does part of this for you. It lists the devices and all the physical info. You can copy that report and modify it for your needs and "group" devices by NCM group name.

Report name: Physical Entities (Serial Number) v2


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