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Holistic SolarWinds

I know each product within the SolarWinds suite has it's own developers etc, but shouldn't SolarWinds be looking to integrate these apps a little more? I mean, why can't information gathered in NCM be available to IPAM, or NetPath. One app may know the MAC addresses of my equipment, but IPAM has no clue about any MAC addresses in my environment due to varying SNMP UN/PW combos based on location. I posted a feature request for IPAM to allow various SNMP creds based on container, but I've already provided various creds to all my equipment in other locations. Why should I have to do it again? NCM HAS the configs for every piece of equipment in my network, yet Netpath can't piece that info together to make a true view of my network? Looking through the SQL tables, I see duplication of data all over. Wouldn't shared data space help the efficiency of the database and improve the overall performance of the suite of SolarWinds apps?

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This makes sense. Seems like SolarWinds should be doing more with the data it already collects. Sounds like they have dev teams that don't talk much to on another.

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