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Getting "Unable to Log into Router : Timeout" after new ssh key

We have a Cisco 6509 which was 'down' to Solarwinds for some weeks - long story but it was on an old IOS that did not do ssh.  Now restored, when I run an NCM job to run a command on some switches, this switch gives "ERROR: Unable to Log into Router : Timeout. Device IP:"  I have a suspicion that the ssh key needs to be updated on NCM but I have no idea how to do that.  It appears NCM (GUI on server) no longer can be used to 'test' this type of connectivity.

Anyone know how to reset the ssh key for a node?  Or, is my theory wrong?

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In the current release, 7.0.x (or below), you have to troubleshoot in the Win32 client. If you open the details page for a node here, you can test login information. Additionally, you can enable session tracing (File -> Settings) and try to download configs.

BTW, are you able to connect to the switch manually, e.g. using putty? Ideally from a place from which you already connected -- if the problem is in ssh key, the client would likely tell you.