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Force Logout

I've got a user that used to have a static username/password that was recently added to an AD group for full admin rights.  I'm in the same AD group yet he doesnt have access to use NCM.  Any ideas?  Was thinking I may need to do a force logout from the server?

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Looks like he is accessing his static orion account to login, that is what the error says.

There are 2 things to be noted on your query:

1. You have added AD Groups onto Orion, that AD Group has full admin rights on Orion and the user that you are talking about his AD\user was added to this AD Group - please correct me if I am wrong. (Settings -> All Settings -> Manage Accounts -> Windows Groups - so here you have added that AD Group which has full admin rights to Orion)

2. Looks like his/her individual orion account still exists, delete that from Orion Individual Accounts.  (Settings -> All Settings -> Manage Accounts -> Individual Accounts - if you see that user name here select and delete it)

Once you delete the users individual account, ask the user to open the browser again, key in Orion URL and then ask him/her to login.

Hope it helps.

I’ve had the same thought like
Individual accounts are processed first, before Group accounts. You see this on the top right corner where your useraccount name is shown in the Orion GUI. If there is a AD group listed as well, you are logged in via Group Account. If you ably see your username you are logged in with the individual account.