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Feature Request - script unique changes to different devices in one scheduled job

Can a feature request be entered so that a single scheduled job could contain multiple unique changes to be applied against multiple different devices?

 For example, during a change window 2 devices need interfaces configured. Currently, since the configuation of these devices are unique to schedule them they each need their own job. This is not a problem when you have just 2 changes to make but on large networks the process is difficult to maintain since each change needs its own unique job. 

  Is a scheduled job similar to advanced alerts where you can use if/then(for node selection) and select logic(maybe to point to snippets) to choose what nodes get what changes all under a single job a possibility?

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Currently, you have the ability (similar to advanced alerts in Orion) where you can use advanced if/then logic for node selection within a particular job.   However, you cannot specify a different target snippet or command script for each node. 

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Do you think that is functionality that could be included in a future release?

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We can definitely keep this on the radar, but to be honest this is the first time I've heard this request.   

Are there any others out there that would find this feature valuable?   Is so, please chime in so we can prioritize this appropriately.

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 This would be very nice to have! I was looking for a way to work around this limitation with nested groups perhaps (which I don't be able to do either) but this would still require separate jobs and the proposed solution is better.

Let me give you my scenario. 

I have several modular routers that are all the same model. However, depending on the office size/type they have different modules for connectivity. I would LOVE to be able to create a series of if/then statements within the script (or that point to snippets) that makes changes depending on if the router has a DSL/T1/Wireless/Ethernet connection utilized for its WAN connection. In order to do that, I would need to match the if/then statement based upon interface type and interface description. This would save a LOT of time for me.

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Can someone from Solarwinds respond with a yea or nea to this please.

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