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Exporting list of device in Excel


I need some help with NCM alerts configuration

This question is when I'm creating alerts and in trigger condition section.

on the selection "only following set of objects (show list)"  

how to export in excel file the list of device in the alerts>trigger condition>show list.



I have about 255 pages to display one at a time if this is not exportable

Thank You.


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You could just write a report that lists all the nodes that contain xxxx in the node name. And export that report into excel.

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Honestly I would take one look at anything like that and kill it. Itemizing nodes one by one inside alerts is just not a scalable way to manage things, as you are seeing here.

If you need to see whatever insanity was in that list your best bet is probably to export the alert definition to an xml file and parse it out of there.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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