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EOS/EOL data not showing

Hi All,

on EOS\EOL page i unable to details data for devices however few devices showing date details but few devices shows "suggested date found" but dates are not showing. PFA snap for more details.

I am using NCM 7.7 version.

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For any device with suggested dates found you have to click them and hit the assign dates near the top, then look through the notifications they list and determine which dates apply to your hardware.  Due to the inconsistencies in how devices label themselves in SNMP vs what is on the EOL notice SW often can't just figure it out on it's own and needs you to confirm.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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thanks mesverrum, for solution on "suggested dates" but is there any way to get more accurate date as per you suggestion its manual task as we have many device on same status.

however do you have any solution on "no suggestion dates" how can we get those details.

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They come from Cisco EOL press releases, which are not laid out in a neat programmatic style to make them easy to parse with code. So all you can really do is read the press releases yourself and keep an eye out for your hardware models.  If no EOL announcement has been made then there would be no suggestions, or if NCM can't really tell what model your device is, since some Cisco devices just report in a "Cisco" generically.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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