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Level 9

Download config from Alcatel 6850 & 6250

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Someone have the device template ?


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Level 9

I'm able to download only part of the configuration

The config downloaded is always truncated :

Tried with a template :

<Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="write terminal"/>     or

<Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="admin display config"/>

But the downloaded config is always interrupted in a line saying "session timeout cli 90" but the line is part of the switch configuration:


! AAA :

aaa authentication default "local"

aaa authentication console "local"

aaa authentication ftp "local"

user password-size min 5



! 802.1x :

! QOS :

! Policy manager :

! Session manager :

session timeout cli 90  ---->     the configuration download is interrupted at this line!

Seems that NCM read the line "session timeout" and close the connection.

NCM is thinking it's a real timeout?!

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Thank you!

Work perfectly !!!

Great Work!

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