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Dell N1500 Series Switches

I have done what I believe to be the correct setup, created a login profile and tested good, enabled for config change, can download running and startup but am not getting real time config changes.

I realise I will have to create a custom rule but not sure where to start.

I can see the messages in the traps section of the log viewer

Han-xxxx-xx-1 TRAPMGR[trapTask]: traputil.c(721) 3746618 %% NOTE 'startup-config' has changed.

Han-xxxx-xx-1 CLI_WEB[emWeb]: cmd_logger_api.c(260) 3746616 %% INFO [CLI:xxx:10.xx.xx.xx] Copy file running-config to startup-config

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Here are the steps for real-time change detection

Configure real-time change detection in NCM

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Does NOT work for Dell hence my posting on here....

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Are you using the new Orion log viewer or the legacy?

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new log viewer but its all working now changed logging facility from 4 to 7 and it made a huge difference have 20+ units all working as expected.

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New Orion log viewer (we are running 2019.4 HF1).

I managed to get it to work briefly and very intermittently using the following custom config. I am not quite sure if I need more or less entries.


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With my custom rules, I'm finding that not all syslogs are looked at. So for example I have a rule that will forward me syslog 0, 1 & 2's. But if a device sends 4 in a minute, I will only receive one of them. I have a ticket raised for this.

The old legacy syslog viewer would forward every single email. I didn't miss a single one.

You could try changing the Source to everything and see how that goes. Or create a single rule for each of your 3 "look for specific entries" section.

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