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Database Migration Assistance

Dear NCM users,

As you can see in the WWWO post (What We Are Working On For NCM After 7.2), NCM v7.3 is going to use Core/NPM database to store its data. While you can test this on a lab system with the Beta (Beta2 for Network Configuration Manager v7.3 is Available!), we would highly appreciate if you could test the upgrade on a copy of your production database.

We can provide full assistance with this test to make sure your production system is not harmed.

Last but not least, you will be awarded for your effort. (Big portion of thwack points to start with...)

The procedure to clone your production environment is the following:

If you can clone Orion and NCM databases

1. Backup or Clone Orion and NCM 7.2 databases.

2. If you backed up, Restore Databases on different servers or change their names.

If the Orion database is too large to clone

1. Backup or Clone NCM database with different name.

2. If you did backup, then Restore Database on different servers or change their names.

If you have Orion and NCM on a VM

1. If NCM / Orion on a VM, clone the VM.

2. On new VM, run the NCM and Orion config wizards choosing the new databases.

3. Upgrade NCM 7.2 to 7.3 beta 2 on the new VM.

If you using a VM but were not able to create a copy of the Orion database

1. On new VM, run the NCM config wizard and choose your new copy of the NCM database.

2. During Orion config wizard create a new Orion Database.

3. Log into NCM web.

5. In NCM node management click on Sync nodes.

6. Upgrade NCM to Orion to 7.3 beta 2.

If you are not using a cloned VM but were able to create a copy of the Orion database

1. Install NCM 7.2 on new server.

2. When going through the NCM and Orion config wizards, choose the new copy of the databases.

3. Log into NCM web.

4. You may now have two registered primary pollers. In Orion settings\details\polling engines, remove your production server's Primary polling engine.

5. Upgrade NCM to Orion to 7.3 beta 2.

After migration
  1. Please perform some verification that all your historical data appears to be migrated properly.
  2. Please send us the "NcmBusinessLayerPlugin.log" and "NCMDatabaseMigration.log" files which will help us understand the size of data and duration of the migration :  On Windows server  2008 they are located here C:\PramData\Solarwinds\Cirrus\Logging.

We would like to encourage you to participate in the testing.



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Level 11

Our DB is far too large to clone like this and a procurement order would be needed and not approved

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Level 11

Hi Tim, I am curious how big is your NCM database vs your Orion database?

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Level 11


15GB vs 350GB

I should add, that we only store configs based on changes detected.  Which cuts down on a lot of extra info.  NPM we store a lot of the data for audit purposes, even rolled up data adds up for a years worth of data.

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Level 11

Thanks for the info. We have been collecting this data is this poll.

One of the options to test this is to just clone the NCM database, install NCM 7.2 on a new server/vm and choose to create a new Orion database, perform a Node sync and then upgrade to NCM 7.3 beta.

If you or anyone is interested in trying this out let me know and I would be happy to assist in anyway I can.



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