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Connection profile problem on Cisco 9200 switches

SNMP works fine on my new 9200 switches, but I'm not sure how to set up the connection profile so I can get backups of the config.

I have the switches set to use AD authentication via a Radius server, which also works fine to log in to the switch, but if I try to use my account info in the connection profile, it doesn't work.

What is the best way to set these switches up for this?  Should I have a separate local account used for these logins, or how do I set it up to use an AD login?

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From your Solarwinds server, can you telnet/SSH to the device in question?

For NCM you can just use what ever credentials you would normally use to connect to the switch (Radius, tacacs etc). But it sounds like the Solarwinds server can't connect onto the switch. Seeing it can SNMP to it, maybe there's a firewall blocking SSH/telnet from the Solarwinds server?

You can use the Test button as per image below to see if Solarwinds can make a valid connection.


Once you've tested it, you'll see whether the test was successful or not. And it also shows you the 'Show credential login details'. Click on that and you may see what the issue is.



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Level 16

What credentials do use to CLI into that switch? 

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I use my AD credentials.

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