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Configuration download archive

Hello -

I am trying to find a way to download the running configurations on all devices on a quarterly basis for our security team to review. Now we currently backup the configurations every night, but the process of picking through the folder to copy the current running configuration is time consuming.

I was hoping that someone could tell me how I could get a quarterly configuration download of the running configuration on all devices and put them in a folder other then the configuration archive.

Any ideas?

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Level 16


make  a new backup job just  for the "security team"

that backup job could run on every xyz date..

That job could have other path for the backup files so it's not mix with your every day backup

no problem..

Level 11

I Can not seem to locate the area to put in a new/different location.

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Sorry I was not very clear

Job type is “export config”

But I Think just backup and save to file will do.

You should se that if you have NCM 7.7/8

save to file and you can change the path



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