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Configuration Management Transfer Status Stuck Initializing

I am trying to download configs from the Orion web console by going into the my node and choosing to download the config I want.  Once I click that button, I starts to transfer the request.  When I go into the Transfers page I see that the status of the download is "initializing" and the circle loader is continuously spinning.  It is stuck Initializing and never progresses forward.

I am able to download the configs from the Engineer tool-set, however, I want to be able to download it from the web console in order to set up real time config download.

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Hi 1ashgarg,

What version of NCM are you using?



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I have the same issue.

At the moment I have 18 jobs stuck on initializing some of which are from executing a script and others from trying to download configurations.  I can't cancel them or clear them...or most of the completed jobs on the screen.  I can run other jobs so it's not interfering with work but I would like to clear them.

I recently upgraded to NCM v7.2.2 but no change.

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It shouldn't be stuck on v7.2.2, since you said you recently upgraded, are the initializing requests from the previous version?  Either way, close all processes, you can go into the database and delete them.  I found the exact directions on one of the discussions which I can't find right now, but this discussion also talks about it a bit: Re: Transfer Status stuck

That will delete all the initializing transfer requests and you should be able to download cleanly from v7.2.2

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