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Level 7

Config Archive Blank?

All my downloaded configs show fine in the node list, but when I go to the config archive the files appear there but when you open them they are blank? Anyone else have this problem or maybe I missed something?
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Level 9

Sounds like those devices are not supported. It pretty straight forward to add new device templates.

Call SolarWinds Support (918-307-8100) and ask to speak with Josh.
He can help you with adding device templates.
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Level 7

Maybe related?

Some of the config files I download with our Cirrus trial are empty/blank.

I have read in the forum that there are some issues with file type associations that will be fixed in the next release, but I don't think that this is related as many of the configs downloaded are OK.

All the files that are blank are in the same Node Group ("VPN_routers") and all the files that are OK are also in common groups ("SW" and "WL") so I presume it is related to either these groups or to something all our VPN routers have in common. When validating the login information all seems OK.

I have been experimenting back and forth with the login information for the nodes that have this problem (userIDs, passwords, Enable Level and Enable passwords) but nothing seems to help.

As our trial expires in 6 days I really need assistance on this as it has not been a convincing trial before this has been resolved.

Thanks in advance!

Lars Grabowski
Global Infrastructure
Chr. Hansen A/S
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Level 7

Yes, I just noticed that Notepad opens with a blank document, so that's exactly the problem. File association seems to be ok though. But if I tell it to open with Wordpad everything is there. So thats ok for now.

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Level 9

The configs are there and they have data in them.

The file extension reference is broken. It is openeing Notepad.exe, but leaving off the filename.
So... notepad is opening with a blank document.
You need to reassociate that file with notepad.

This problem has been fixed in the next release.
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