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Collecting Vendor data

I am researching NCM capabilities, as far as polling information from vendors and making it available in SolarWinds reporting.  We are currently running version 2019.4.1 and are moving to version 2020.  I see from product info that Cisco and Palo Alto vendor information can be pulled.  My question is what fields of data are available?  From Cisco, can I pull End of Support (Warranty dates), End of SW Maintenance, Replacement Part, End of Sales info?  Can I do the same for Palo Alto and or other vendors?  I'm assuming that there is a HTTPS connection going from our Orion server to the vendors?  

This also falls in line with SAM.  Dell, HP, IBM … maybe other vendors?  

Would like a little more detailed information than what is provided off the SolarWinds website.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

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