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Level 7

Cisco serial numbers ?

I'm looking for a lost switch.

All I have is the serial number from the outside of the empty box of a 3560 switch. I'm wondering if it has been placed somewhere onto our network, Assuming that the S/N on the box matches the S/N of the device, is there a way I can run a report to find one specific S/N amongst the several hundred switches that we manage ?

I know inventory specifics can show the S/N of some devices, but I'm hoping I can speed the process up with some type of a query.

Any tips ?


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Level 12

There are a couple of easy ways to do this with SolarWinds applications. If you have a list of all of your switches, then you can add them to Cirrus (you can download a free eval from our site) and it will complete an inventory on the devices and pull information including the chasis IDs.

If you don't have a complete list of the switches, Network Sonar (SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset) can discover all of the switches for you and you can either use it to pull the chasis IDs or feed this database to Cirrus and have it do this for you.

Josh Stephens
SolarWinds R&D
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Level 9

Since it's a 3560, you could run a snippet on all 3560s switches. I would do a show version, which will show you the serial number, and then in the results window/text file, do search for the missing serial number.
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Level 14

Easy. Select all your switches, run a 'show version' command script on them, and filter the output with 'serial'.

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