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Cisco CallManager backup with NCM

Is it possible to backup Cisco CallManager with NCM?

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CUCM has the ability to execute backup functions via the CLI, connecting with SSH. As NCM has the ability to connect to an SSH CLI terminal and send commands,  NCM can certainly be used to perform a backup.

You have two options:


Create a new NCM Device Template, which has the necessary commands to apply the backup execution. Depending on version of CUCM I believe there are some differences, but all you are asking NCM to do in the template is pass the necessary commands to execute the backup function and then upload to SFTP server.

Then create the NCM backup job and I would suggest you create an individual job, just for the CUCM, so use the Node filter option within the Job wizard

Additional Option

Create a new Job, but rather than use the Backup option, use the Execute script option, for which you will write the script action to perform the backup and upload

The following links provide further information on the template function within NCM:

Good luck and report back how you get on.

Mark Roberts

Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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I'm going to work with our voice team and try to implement this.  Thanks for the information. 

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I am also interested in this, did you get it to work?  Thanks.

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