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Level 13

Cisco 4400 WLC

Does Cirrus support the Cisco LWAPP WLC's if not will they in the future?



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Level 18

I'm not very familiar with the Cisco WLC's confg interface.  I know it supports telnet for configuration.  Can someone post the steps on the CLI that you would navigate through to get to the equivalent of the "show running" or "show startup" command on this device?

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Doing a 'show running-config' will provide the current running config of the wireless lan controller.

I would like to see the wireless module support these devices as well. All the information that was gathered from the stand alone AP's is contained in the mib tree on the WLC's. I know it's formatted differently but it is all there I think.

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Level 12

 I am interested to know the answer to this as well.

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This would be a valuable device to have Cirrus manage in my environment as well.

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See this link for more info about this subject:

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